Farewell & New Beginnings

Farewell Dear readers, For more than 5 years now, my website and the accompanying blog have been my own personal project. The focus has always been on the scientific aspects of the complexity of chronic kidney disease in cats. Driven by personal experiences with my own cat, I have always aimed to provide you with the information that many people are desperately looking for in a clear...

The U-Tox-Problem

In chronic kidney disease in humans, uraemic toxins (U-Tox for short) play such an important role that a European research group is dedicated to this topic alone. This research group defines uraemic toxins as follows: blood and tissue levels of the toxin must be substantially elevated during chronic kidney disease (CKD). high concentrations of the toxin are directly related to one or more...


The kidneys play a central role in maintaining calcium and phosphate blood levels. Calcium and phosphate are in balance. In chronic kidney disease (CKD), this balance can be severely disturbed.