Farewell & New Beginnings


Dear readers,

For more than 5 years now, my website cat.life and the accompanying blog have been my own personal project. The focus has always been on the scientific aspects of the complexity of chronic kidney disease in cats.
Driven by personal experiences with my own cat, I have always aimed to provide you with the information that many people are desperately looking for in a clear, concise and comprehensive way.
Almost 40 blog posts and one CKD book later, however, it is now time to devote myself to other personal projects that take up a great portion of my time.

In order not to completely discard all the work, the monetary expenditure and the lifeblood that went into the easily understandable preparation of scientific studies, I have decided to hand cat.life over into competent & qualified hands.

From now on, Dr. Dr. Susanne Voß, an excellent kidney expert, will take over the reins at cat.life. As managing director of Porus GmbH with a skilled team in the background, I know that she has the resources and especially the professional know-how to continue my project in accordance with my values. I am convinced that you, as readers, will approve of the restructuring of the blog and the website, the new approaches and creative ideas that we discussed in advance, just as I do.
For me, now is exactly the right time to say goodbye to my loyal readers. I am now saying goodbye to cat.life at the end of this month.

Constanze Nieder



New Beginnings

Dear cat friends,

I was and still am impressed by the work of Conny Nieder. It takes a lot of time and financial effort, in addition to a high level of commitment and medical understanding, to get such a project off the ground. This is not to be measured in weeks, but rather in months and years. All for the benefit of the cats and without any financial funding! She even carefully designed her CKD book and gave it away at cost price. I can therefore understand her decision very well. It speaks for Conny Nieder that even now she does not sell her valuable content but makes it available to us free of charge. Not so that we can use it for advertising, but because she wants to entrust her heart’s project to me/us in good hands.
This is a great responsibility for us, and especially for me, to continue the brilliantly done work in her favour. And I thank her for her faith in entrusting me with this task.

Since this situation came as a surprise, I first have to somewhat sort myself out and gain an overview. I will add to the content and partly revise it, but I will leave the overall framework as it is. I will certainly work on the layout with my team. Not because we don’t like it, quite the opposite, but also for reasons of transparency. It should be obvious at first glance that a new author is now responsible for the content. But this will take some time. Therefore, I ask for a little patience.

It shall also be transparent that I am managing director of Porus GmbH. I will not be able to take off my Porus-look altogether when I revise the site. Nevertheless, it will not be a commercial site and, as before, the content will be scientifically neutral. Since we are manufacturers of innovative kidney products such as Porus® One, this will certainly not go entirely unnoticed. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that we will also use upcoming content on our social media channels.

Apart from that, I would like to change as little as possible, because the site has been a great success so far and has helped many cat owners to get information about chronic kidney disease in cats. And I want to keep it that way.

In this spirit, everything as usual – just a little different.

Yours sincerely, Susanne Voß